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Middle School

Our online middle school program is tailored to each student’s needs. Parents love our program!

Middle School Program

The Broady Academy middle school program is regionally accredited and gives parents the flexibility to prepare their learners for high school in a home setting or on the go. We prepare our middle school learners for a return to a physical classroom setting or to continue through our online high school program.


Enrollment Process

Our enrollment process begins with the receipt of the enrollment application. Once the home school seeking parent has submitted an enrollment application, an enrollment specialist will reach out to discuss parental goals, objectives, and previous school history. Once the middle school learner has been approved for admission and the tuition payment received, a unique username and a password is issued.


Initially, the learner is enrolled for a 3-month semester. After the initial semester, the learner will be enrolled on a month-to-month basis.


Our middle school program can be delivered as a remediation program for struggling students, a regular program, or as an advanced high school prep program. We offer nationally standardized testing to help parents determine the best program for their child. Additionally, each course; English, math, science, and social studies begins with a diagnostic assessment to give the learner credit for previous knowledge attainment.


Once the previous school records are received, the parent interview completed and all appropriate assessment results evaluated, an individual learning plan will be developed, and course work assigned. Once the course assignments are complete the learner can move to the next grade level subject.


Course Work

 All course work is completed online. The learner will use the Student Portal to access their course work. Our learners have access to their work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week affording parents maximum flexibility to determine student online sessions.


Academic Coach

Each learner is assigned a qualified Academic Coach to guide them through the learning process and help them obtain academic success, however, the parent can opt to purchase an individual tutor for their learner.

Transferring Credits

Once the learner has completed the coursework or is transferring, the official transcript will be completed and available for the parent to order.

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We have one of the most affordable online middle school programs in the U.S.

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