Who We Serve

Online K-12 - Students 17 and under
Adult Education - 17 and older

Broady and Your Family
Broady Academy courses can work as your student’s full-time schooling or as a blended online supplement to another educational program. These are some of the students that Broady supports on a daily basis:

  • Current home school students
  • Students in need of tutoring
  • Students preparing for high stakes tests such as the SAT, ACT, or ASVAB
  • Homebound students (for medical and other reasons)
  • Students that spend time traveling
  • Athletes and performers
  • Advanced students looking to expand their existing curriculum
  • Students having difficulty in a traditional school environment
  • Students looking to make up or gain extra credits
  • Students with family serving in the military
  • Adults who need to complete their high school diploma  

Broady and Partnerships
Broady is also available to educational entities to compliment traditional classes and assist students on campus.  We work with traditional private schools to provide elective courses.

Whether you want to enroll a group of students for career related courses or commission us to help a group of students complete their high school diploma; Broady Academy has the right curriculum and staff for your academic needs.

Post Secondary educators partner with Broady Academy to develop programs that help potential enrollees garner a high school diploma in lieu of a GED. Broady Academy has  supported numerous career schools across the nation.

Non-Profit Organizations partner with Broady Academy in order to meet the educational requirements of their grants.  In the past, Broady Academy has established partnerships organizations such as Urban Strategies, and YouthBuild.

For more information about how we can help your group, contact us directly at: