Tuition & Financing

Broady Academy offers affordable tuition to allow you to meet your educational needs:

Initial Home School Payment $199.00 per month
Credit Recovery $199.00 per month
Home School Support $99.00 per month
Parent Led $149.00 per month
Broady Led Tutoring $150.00 per month
Adult Education $299.00 1st semester. 
$150.00 to begin $99.00 per month after 3rd month

We have the tools to help you change your life and don’t want to turn away anyone with the desire to learn on their own terms. We are passionate about your success and want to see you reach your full potential. You will be able to manage your personal education journey and focus where it matters most. Join the Broady family and find the educational program that works for you. To find out how your learner can change their life, contact us for enrollment options, or receive an application by filling out a request form.


Subscription Service

We offer a subscription service for home school parents to allow you to conveniently pay your child’s monthly tuition. Use the PayPal Subscription button to set it up.

Tuition Options

Tuition Payment Options

Pay in Full $249 USD Adult Education
Partial Tuition Payment $150 USD Adult Education 
Tuition Balance Payment $149 USD Adult Education
Tuition Payment $149 USD Home School Support - Broady Led
Tuition Payment $99 USD   Home School Support - Parent Led
Tuition Payment $150 USD Tutoring
Tuition Payment $199.00 Initial Home School Payment 

Tuition Payment Options