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Home School Curriculum San Antonio

Are you a public high school student who is performing poorly at your high school due to the face pace at which curriculum is presented, testing anxiety, and other social pressures and distractions that adolescents in public high school face on a daily basis? Dropping out of high school is not the wisest choice, but what are the alternatives? Perhaps you could greatly benefit from online home school from E.L. Broady Academy. At E.L. Broady Academy we make it easy to earn you diploma with our college-like home school curriculum. At E.L. Broady Academy we utilize unconventional teaching techniques and allow you to complete the curriculum at your own pace. No more rushing to finish tremendous loads of work; at E.L. Broady Academy we want our students to thoroughly absorb and understand the information being presented to them. Are you a high school drop out who wishes they could finish high school and receive a diploma? E.L. Broady Academy is designed to make a second chance at a diploma a reality for hundreds of high school drop outs across the country. Our special credit recovery program puts credits for classes you already completed when in high school and puts them toward getting your degree. If you don’t have high school diploma you could be missing out on thousands of dollars a year. Statics show that the average person without a high school diploma makes an average of nine thousand dollars on an annual basis. By completing your degree you could increase your average yearly salary by ten thousand dollars or more per year. Just think of what you could do with all that extra cash. How much does it cost to enroll at E.L. Broady Academy? At E.L. Broady Academy we want a high school diploma to be affordable to everyone so we keep our prices unbelievably low. For under three hundred dollars you can be working your way toward earning your high school degree. Do you suffer from testing anxiety? E.L. Broady Academy understands that conventional testing methods are not an accurate measure of learning capabilities because many hundreds of students blank out on tests due to anxiety. At E.L. Broady Academy we allow students to use text books and other helpful resources during tests. What about standardized tests? E.L. Broady Academy does not require students to participate in standardized testing to graduate. E.L. Broady Academy is not a GED program; it is a program that follows quality home school curriculum that allows students to learn using whatever leaning skills work best for their personality type. The chance for a better future and an enjoyable college-like high school experience awaits for you at E.L. Broady Academy; leaders in ground breaking online high school programs. Home School Curriculum San Antonio
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