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High School Credit Recovery San Antonio

A very natural part of being a human being is making mistakes. Mistakes are not meant to induce regret but rather to give us something to learn from. If you feel that you made a mistake by not completing high school, don’t wallow in your regret because there is now another way that you can earn your high school diploma, even if you are a high school drop out. E.L. Broady Academy is an online academic institution that lets you take high school level courses online at times that work with your personal or work schedule. Have you completed some high school? If so, E.L. Broady Academy offers a credit recovery program in which we find out what high school classes you have already taken and passed and put those credits toward earning your high school degree at our online academy. No need to retake courses that you have already passed that is a waste of precious time and money. How much does it cost to attend E.L. Broady Academy? E.L. Broady Academy wants a quality high school education to be available to as many people as possible, so we strive to keep our prices super affordable. In fact, our program costs thousands less than private schools or community college classes. For approximately three hundred and seventy five dollars your can get started with your E.L. Broady Academy education. Our entire curriculum is accurate, up to date, and pertinent to life. Curriculum is presented to students using easier to understand, non-traditional methods of teaching that mimic a college environment. E.L. Broady Academy is perfect for those who: dropped out of high school a long time ago, have a criminal background, have learning or social disabilities, and those who don’t want to deal with the disappointment and distraction of public high school. Testing is a very poor way to judge an individuals learning ability because stress, time constraints, and pressure can cause people to blank out on tests and make careless mistakes. At E.L. Broady Academy we promote the use of learning materials, textbooks, and notes during tests, because understanding the information is more important than a letter grade on a test. Here is an little known fact. . . the average individual without a high school diploma makes as little as nine thousand dollars a year. By finishing your degree with E.L. Broady Academy you could double that number; just think of the possibilities of all that extra cash per year. Remember that E.L. Broady Academy is not a GED program; at the end of your schooling you earn a accredited high school diploma rather than an equivalency degree. A high school diploma is an extremely valuable asset to have on a resume when applying for job. High school diplomas also open the door to a plethora of job opportunities that are not easily attainable for those who have not graduated from high school. If you would like a second chance at high school give, that E.L. Broady Academy a try; we are affordable and are one of the only online high schools in the nation with credit recovery. High School Credit Recovery San Antonio
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