Our Namesake, Emma Lee Broady

Emma Lee Broady’s educational journey was rooted in San Antonio, Texas.  She graduated from Phyllis Wheatley High School May 31, 1945.  After beginning her post secondary studies at St. Phillip’s College, Mrs. Broady attended Prairie View A&M and she graduated on May 21, 1950 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Home Economics.  For 22 years she continued to impact the lives of young people while teaching at Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Mrs. Broady had an unwavering faith in God and in the value of education.  She believed that everyone could achieve.  The School’s motto,  “It’s Never Too Late To Graduate” was a theme she exemplified to the many people who crossed her path.  Though she has gone to be with our Lord, Mrs. Broady would be delighted to know that her passion for the success of others continues to live on through the school which bears her name. We salute the life of this inspiring black woman who through faith and dedication blazed the trail for others to follow.  

Our Academy

E. L. Broady Academy is a non-traditional, online private school that helps individuals earn their high school diploma regardless of age, the number of credits they have, criminal background, or how long an individual has been out of high school.

Many students from E. L. Broady Academy have found peace of mind from the school’s approach to earning a high school diploma. Students attending E. L Broady Academy are able to move at their own pace and are able to complete coursework on a schedule that works for them.

At Broady, students don’t experience the same distractions of most traditional schools, and they aren’t burdened with passing standardized state mandated tests.  Students also find a supportive staff that seeks to encourage students to take successful steps towards a better future.

There are many who are unsure about what career paths are right for them. Sadly, many schools have failed to provide this practical guidance to the vast majority of their students. Thanks to our Career guidance program, E. L. Broady Academy helps identify the strengths in our students and guides them to information about careers that can change the entire trajectory of their lives.

For students seeking to go to college or trade school but who need to learn more of what it takes to get there, E. L. Broady Academy’s staff will give you advice and guidance on how to apply and how to plan for success in your post secondary studies.

Our Principal, Terrence Littlefield