E. L. Broady Academy has always been dedicated to its students, and never has the devotion of the Broady School been so apparent than through its comprehensive online program. Our online network offers the top quality educational materials and student support Broady is known for, providing a flexible, accredited online school that allows each and every young individual to reach their potential.

Broady Academy offers students under the age of 18 a challenging and effective 1-12 grade program, allowing students to study on their own terms, wherever and whenever. Our instructive course plans are informed and supported by state-certified middle or high school teachers, and payment options are flexible enough so that anyone can get the formal education they deserve.

E. L. Broady Academy is an accredited K-12 school. Click here learn about our Accreditation

With the option to enroll your student by grade level, or select particular courses to supplement a home school or standard curriculum, there is no reason to wait. Enroll now or reach out to our team to find out what the Broady School has in store for your student.

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Tuition Payment Options
Pay in Full $299 USD
Partial Tuition Payment $150 USD
Tuition Balance Payment $149 USD 

Tuition Payment Options