E. L. Broady Academy has always been dedicated to its students, and never has the impact of the Academy been more apparent than through its personalized and blended approach to education through its 4-12 campus in Burlington, N.C., and its K-12 nationwide online program. 

Our N. C. campus gives local students the opportunity to excel academically in a technologically rich, blended learning environment.   Our online educational framework features award winning, researched based curriculum matched with highly qualified mentors and advisers.  Together, both the Broady Academy campus and Broady Academy online facilitate blended learning, personalized instruction,   flexibility and options for learning at affordable prices.

“The Broady School” campus is approved by the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Education.  Our on campus students take classes from teachers in the school building while simultaneously taking online coursework.  This allows our students to excel in the digital environment while extending the learning in the classroom and through field experiences.

Broady Academy offers parents of students under the age of 18 a challenging and effective online K-12 grade program, allowing students to study on their own terms, wherever and whenever. Parents can decide to use our curriculum and advisers to supplement their home school efforts or their learner can be enrolled in our online program as a full time student.  Additionally students can reap the benefits of blended learning by taking individual courses through Broady Academy while enrolled in their local brick and mortar school.

With the option to enroll your student by grade level, or select particular courses to supplement a home school or standard curriculum, there is no reason to wait. Enroll now or reach out to our team to find out what the Broady School has in store for your learner.

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Tuition Payment Options

Tuition Payment Options